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Liaoning province urban and rural construction planning and design institute co. LTD
  • The start of the project is auspicious - our company's leaders go to all departments to pay a New Year's greetings to all employees
  • Notice of the People's Government of Liaoning Province on Printing and Distributing Several Policies and Measures for Further Stabilizing the Economy in Liaoning Province
  • The company and Shenyang Institute of Urban Construction held a summary and exchange meeting on school-enterprise cooperation
  • Convey and study the spirit of the expanded meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the special study meeting of the theoretical study center group of the Provincial Party Committee
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Founded in 1979, Liaoning Urban and Rural Construction Planning Design Institute Co., Ltd. (Liaoning Planning Institute) belongs to Liaoning Urban and Rural Construction Group Co., Ltd. Liaoning Planning Institute holds five grade-A design qualifications which are respectively for urban and rural planning, construction engineering design, landscape engineering design, mapping and tourist planning, four grade-B qualifications which are respectively for municipal engineering design, land planning, engineering consultation and agriculture and forestry, and a grade-C qualification in the water conservancy industry. Meanwhile, Liaoning Planning Institute is also a comprehensive design unit with the qualification for EPC.
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Strive to become the world’s major scientific center and Innovation Plateau

Since the beginning of the 21st century, global scientific and technological innovation has entered an unprecedented period of intense activity. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is reshaping the global innovation landscape and global economic structure. The new generation of information technology, represented by artificial intelligence, quantum information, mobile communication, Internet of things and blockchain, accelerates the application of breakthroughs, the fields of life sciences, represented by synthetic biology, gene editing, Brain Science and regenerative medicine, are pregnant with new changes, advanced Manufacturing Technology that integrates robotics, digitalization and new materials is accelerating the transformation of the manufacturing industry into an intelligent, service-oriented and green one, the accelerated development of energy technologies aimed at clean, efficient and sustainable development will trigger a global energy revolution. Space and marine technologies are expanding the new frontiers of human survival and development. In short, the original breakthroughs in information, life, manufacturing, energy, space, and oceans have provided more innovative sources for cutting-edge and disruptive technologies, there is an increasing trend of cross-integration between disciplines, between science and technology, between technology, between the natural sciences and the humanities and social sciences, and science and technology have never affected the future and destiny of a country as profoundly as they do today, never before has it had such a profound impact on the well-being of the people.

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