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—— 测绘工程 ——

Our Institute has the grade a qualification certificate of surveying and Mapping Engineering Now has the Engineering Survey (control survey, Topographic Survey, Planning Supervision Survey, Construction Engineering Survey, deformation and precision survey, municipal engineering survey, hydraulic engineering survey, line and tunnel survey, underground pipeline survey) Real Estate Survey (cadastral survey, Administrative Area Boundary Survey) photogrammetry and remote sensing, Class A qualifications, real Estate Mapping and Geographic Information System B qualification.

Since its establishment 40 years ago, the surveying and Mapping Institute has devoted itself to serving urban and rural planning, municipal engineering, railway engineering, real estate surveying and Mapping, and the establishment of geographic information system. The company has successively completed the control survey and topographic mapping tasks of a number of key planning projects. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the company has increased the introduction of new technologies and the renewal of new equipment Not only has it maintained its advantages in traditional engineering surveying and aerial photogrammetry projects, but it has also taken the lead in establishing the urban geospatial framework, the geographical names Census and the land right confirmation pilot, which have been approved by the competent authorities at the provincial and municipal levels The working model created by the pilot has laid the foundation for the full-scale development of these work in the whole province.

At present, the surveying and Mapping Institute has 10 sets of high-precision total station, 2 sets of GNSS-RTK20,2 sets of electronic level, 10 sets of S3 level, 10 sets of hand-held Rangefinder, 20 sets of aerial survey acquisition and cataloguing station, 50 sets of computer, plotter, AuToCAD platform, Arcgis Platform, development and application platform, quality management examination certificate, file and secret management examination certificate of Liaoning Surveying and Mapping qualified units, etc. .

70% of the professional and technical personnel in the surveying and mapping qualification system have high-level professional titles, and have won unanimous praise from governments at all levels with the idea of good ideological style, fine technical operation and strong service purpose He has won the provincial May 1st Medal, the provincial May 4th Youth Medal and the outstanding cadres from the Tibet for aiding Tibet. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Institute of Surveying and Mapping has won praise from customers and unanimous recognition from the industry for its brave exploration and pioneering spirit Surveying and Mapping people with professional ethics interpretation of the quality of the industr.

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