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[study] summary of Party building in state-owned enterprises since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

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The net profit was 1.02 trillion yuan, exceeding 1 trillion yuan for the first time in half a year, with a year-on-year increase of 133.3% and an average increase of 20.6% in two years... In the first half of this year, central enterprises handed over a bright "report card".

State owned enterprises are the important material and political basis of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Since the eighteen Party's Congress, general secretary Xi Jinping has made a series of important instructions on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and Party building. Especially in 2016, the CPC Central Committee held the National Party construction work conference of state owned enterprises. General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. He pointed out the way forward and provided the fundamental guidance for the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and the party building.

The vast number of state owned enterprises has thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, unswervingly adhered to the leadership of the party, and continuously strengthened the party's construction. The red background of the gene became more distinct, the red engine played a more powerful role, and the achievements made in the reform and development of state-owned enterprises have made significant achievements, in order to enhance China's comprehensive national strength and promote economic and social development. It has provided important support for ensuring and improving people's livelihood.

Strong root casts soul

Take a clear stand and stress politics

On the occasion of the party's Centennial birthday, the hundred episode micro documentary red finance and economics · Keepsake Centennial was popular. The documentary opens the Centennial picture of red state-owned enterprises through 100 narrators and 100 keepsakes. In the long river of history, the party organizations of state-owned enterprises and the majority of Party members have led the staff and workers to unite and work hard to form the spirit of "two bombs and one star" and the iron man spirit, which have become an important part of the spiritual pedigree of the Communist Party of China.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, state-owned enterprises everywhere have continued to inherit the red blood and red gene, and built state-owned enterprises into the most reliable force for the party and the state, and an important force for our party to win the great struggle with many new historical characteristics.

The state-owned enterprises in various localities generally take learning and implementing Xi Jinping's new socialist thought with China characteristics as the "first topic", and push the party's innovation theory into the enterprise, into the workshop and into the team. Through the solid implementation of the party's mass line education and practice activities, "two learning and one doing" learning and education, "do not forget the original heart and remember the mission" theme education, we will effectively improve our political judgment, political understanding and political execution. Since the beginning of this year, the party organizations of state-owned enterprises have closely focused on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, carried out in-depth study and education of party history, paid attention to excavating the red resources of state-owned enterprises, deeply studied the entrepreneurial history, reform history and development history of state-owned enterprises, and inherited and carried forward the glorious tradition and red gene of state-owned enterprises.

The majority of state-owned enterprises turn their learning achievements into the "golden key" to solve problems and promote development. In the process of promoting the rigid governance, transformation and upgrading and green development of enterprises, they adhere to the integration of learning, thinking and application, the unity of knowledge, faith and practice, and constantly condense a strong internal driving force to promote the innovative development of state-owned enterprises. Chinalco group was hit by the international financial crisis and once fell into the dilemma of continuous serious losses. Add, subtract, multiply and divide the work of the Party group of the China Aluminum Group, and implement the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, and effectively solve the outstanding problems such as the rigid management mechanism, the single industrial structure and the lack of innovation ability.

Whether it is to implement the national macro-control policy, implement the national major strategy, combat major natural disasters and respond to all kinds of emergencies, state-owned enterprises should bear in mind the mission of the "eldest son of the Republic" and the "national team", enhance the vitality of industry to revitalize the country and serve the country, and embody the "two maintenance" in their work and put it into action, Play a mission in integrating into the overall situation of the party and the state. In the critical moment novel coronavirus pneumonia is facing, the Party Central Committee has been ordered by the Party Central Committee and the party organizations and the majority of Party members. Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain hospitals were built in more than 10 days; Quickly switch to production of protective clothing and mask machine; Take the lead in resuming work and production, stabilize the industrial chain and supply chain... The party organizations of state-owned enterprises and the majority of Party members are in the forefront, playing an important role as the "main force" in the fight against epidemic diseases.

Establish rules and regulations

Strengthening the party's leadership in improving corporate governance

Since the birth of state-owned enterprises, our party has continuously explored an effective path to unify strengthening the party's leadership and improving corporate governance. After years of practice, we have come to a basic conclusion: adhering to the party's leadership over state-owned enterprises is a major political principle and must be implemented consistently; The establishment of a modern enterprise system is the direction of the reform of state-owned enterprises and must be consistent.

On December 30, 2020, general secretary Xi Jinping chaired the seventeenth meeting of China Central Committee for deep reform, and deliberated and passed the opinions on strengthening the party's leadership in the improvement of corporate governance by central enterprises. Another important institutional arrangement for accelerating the improvement of the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics is another milestone achievement of the "China plan" of corporate governance.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, state-owned enterprises everywhere have adhered to integrity and innovation, made great efforts in integration, sought practical results in combination, and transformed institutional advantages into governance efficiency.

——Promote "system integration" and write the requirements of Party construction into the articles of association。State owned enterprises in all localities actively promote the inclusion of the requirements for Party Construction in the articles of association, and further clarify the legal status of Party organizations in the corporate governance structure. The proportion of H-share foreign shareholders of ICBC was as high as 90%. The Party committee of the head office sent special teams to various places to communicate one-on-one with the top 30 shareholders and institutional investors on the revised terms of "party building into the chapter". The party secretary and chairman of the board of directors gave face-to-face lectures to more than 170 foreign investors and analysts. Finally, the amendment proposal to the articles of association was passed by a high vote of 93.4%. At present, the party building requirements of all central enterprises and more than 97% of provincial state-owned enterprises have been written into the articles of association.

——Promote the "integration of people", adhere to and improve the "two-way entry and cross appointment" leadership system。To realize the organic unity of the party's leadership and corporate governance, the integration of "people" is the key path. All state-owned enterprises in all localities have promoted qualified members of the party organization team to enter the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the management level, and earnestly implemented the "one shoulder responsibility" of the Secretary of the Party committee (Party group) and the chairman of the board of directors of state-owned enterprises, and the general manager of Party members concurrently serves as the deputy secretary. By the end of 2020, more than 80% of the Party committee (Party group) secretaries and chairman of the board of directors of state-owned enterprises had "shoulder to shoulder". In the process of promoting the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises, Liaoning, Shanghai, Shandong and Henan explored and promoted qualified professional managers to enter the leading group of the Party committee according to legal procedures.

——Promote the "integration of affairs" and clarify that the research and discussion of Party organizations is the pre procedure for the decision-making of major issues by the board of directors and managers。The Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Party committee of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council printed and distributed the model text of the list of major operation and management matters discussed by the Party committee (Party group) of central enterprises, and 31 provinces, autonomous regions and cities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps formulated and issued the model text of the list in combination with local conditions. At present, the list of state-owned enterprise groups and 96% of important subsidiaries has been formulated. China Minmetals embeds the list of decision-making items and approval process into the office system, and uses information-based means to strengthen the management of the exercise of power and responsibility of the governance subject. CRRC has formulated and implemented three lists: the front check of the Party committee, the decision-making matters of the board of directors and the management authority, and made great efforts to clarify the rights and responsibilities of each governance subject.

Optimization and strength matching

Forging the party's ruling backbone in the economic field

The leaders of state-owned enterprises are the ruling backbone of the party in the economic field and an important source of compound talents for governance. All state-owned enterprises in all localities have placed the construction of leadership and talent team in an important position, further optimized the selection and utilization, and provided a strong guarantee for building a world-class enterprise and winning international competition.

In recent years, state-owned enterprises in all localities have adhered to the principle of the party managing cadres, made great efforts to cultivate political entrepreneurs and politicians in charge of enterprises, and created a team of state-owned entrepreneurs with Chinese characteristics in accordance with the "20 character" standard for leaders of state-owned enterprises. The Party group of FAW Group continued to promote the "bidding disclosure" and "horse racing mechanism", a group of outstanding young cadres came to the fore, and promoted the enterprise to grow against the trend for three consecutive years under the overall decline of the automobile market. The sales volume of its own brand Hongqi car in 2020 increased by 42 times compared with that in 2017.

Focusing on the urgent needs and long-term needs of national and enterprise development, state-owned enterprises in all localities have deeply implemented the strategy of strengthening enterprises with talents, organically combined the "strictness" of organizational allocation with the "liveliness" of market selection, so that outstanding talents can "come out", "live in use", "grow fast" and "stay". At present, central enterprises have 2.828 million operation and management talents, 1.391 million scientific and technological talents and 7.558 million skilled talents, including 234 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 1895 won the titles of "China skill Award" and "national technical expert". China aviation development has implemented the "incubation" project for outstanding young model leaders, Harbin Electric Group has formulated the implementation plan for academician training and introduction, COFCO has established a senior expert and young and middle-aged talent pool by classification, Tianjin has launched the "future young entrepreneur training project"... The innovative vitality of enterprise talent development has been continuously released.

Strengthening foundation and strengthening foundation

Build grass-roots party organizations into strong fighting fortresses

By the end of 2020, there were more than 166000 Party organizations in state-owned enterprises and more than 11.2 million Party members. This is our party's valuable organizational resources and organizational advantages. All state-owned enterprises in all localities adhere to grasping the grass-roots level, strengthening the foundation and consolidating the foundation, strive to improve the up-down connection and powerful organization system, and build the party's organization into workshop teams, business outlets, engineering projects, service windows and ocean fleets

From the northern border of the motherland to the islands and reefs in the South China Sea, from the eastern coast to the snowy plateau, Party organizations and Party members of state-owned enterprises are active everywhere. The first batch of units of Baihetan Hydropower Station, the world's largest hydropower station under construction, recently completed 72 hour continuous on load trial operation and officially put into operation for power generation. The construction scale and difficulty of Baihetan Hydropower Station rank among the top hydropower projects in the world. During the peak construction period, more than 20 participating units and 24000 construction teams. As an investment and construction management unit, the Three Gorges group established the Party committee of the Ministry of engineering and construction, gathered all forces with the "Three Gorges spirit" to jointly solve the world-wide problems in project construction, and obtained 52 national patents.

——Be a pioneer and take the lead in breaking through the problem of "neck sticking" of key core technology。The party organizations of state-owned enterprises guide enterprises to stimulate the spirit of industry serving the country, focus on solving key core technology "neck" and other problems, and set an example in accelerating the creation of the source of original technology and the "chain length" of modern industrial chain. The Party group of China Electronics Group has invested the best talents and resources in the network information project, guided party members and employees to establish the spirit of vigorous and self-improvement, and accelerated the localization and replacement of Feiteng CPU chip and Kirin operating system. BOE Party committee has created a red leading and innovative corporate culture, promoted the independent intellectual property strategy of display screen, and spent 13 years leading enterprises to complete the "Four-level jump" from entrants to chasers, challengers, leaders and leaders. In promoting the localization of major technical equipment, the Party committee of Shengu Group vigorously implemented the "Communist Party project", led by the backbone of Party members, developed the first domestic 1.2 million ton "ethylene three machine", and installed a "Chinese core" for China's large-scale petrochemical projects

——Be a sharp knife and a heavy burden in national major engineering projects。In major projects such as infrastructure and public services related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, such as the Qinghai Tibet railway, the west to east gas transmission project and the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, Party organizations in state-owned enterprises give full play to their role as fighting fortresses and "embed" party building forces in major projects to ensure the successful implementation of a large number of engineering projects. During the construction of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the immersed tunnel construction is the most difficult and longest in the world. In the face of severe challenges such as zero domestic experience, foreign technical blockade and high temperature, high humidity and high salt in offshore construction, the general Party branch of CCCC project gave full play to the advantages of Ideological and political work, twisted the thoughts of the participants into a rope, and created miracles such as the highest precision and the shortest cycle.

——Create good achievements and make contributions in the front line of production and operation.“One workshop, one brand, one team, one typical, one post, one bright spot ". All state-owned enterprises in all localities adhere to the deep integration of Party building and production and operation, comprehensively implement the responsibility area and demonstration post of Party members, and guide Party members to strive for excellence based on their posts. The State Grid has implemented the plan of "banner navigation and three-year climbing" for Party building, created 56000 Party member responsibility areas and 67000 demonstration posts, and promoted the construction of UHV and smart grid to be in the forefront of the world. The Party committee of Beijing south railway station takes the "Runqiu service group" as an example to mobilize party members to take the lead in improving service quality, create a caring service brand and display the window image of the capital high-speed railway.

Accountability and accountability

On the responsibility of Party building in state-owned enterprises

"Over the past year, you have made little progress and insufficient efforts in giving full play to the role of Party organizations and helping rural revitalization." This is the spicy comment of the party secretary at the work report and appraisal meeting of the party organization Secretary of the unit directly under the jurisdiction of the Agricultural Bank of China in 2020. This work has been carried out in the Agricultural Bank of China for seven consecutive years.

All state-owned enterprises in all localities firmly grasp the "bull nose" of the responsibility system for Party construction, build a responsibility system for Party construction work of "clearly performing responsibilities, testing responsibilities and accountability", and truly change the party construction work from "soft indicators" to "hard constraints".

——Reliable responsibility。The CPC Central Committee promulgated the regulations on the work of grass-roots organizations of state-owned enterprises of the Communist Party of China (for Trial Implementation), clarifying the specific contents of the main responsibility of the Party committee (Party group), the first responsibility of the Secretary of the Party committee (Party group), the direct responsibility of the full-time deputy secretary, and the "double responsibilities" of other team members. The Organization Department of the Central Committee deployed to carry out the work report, evaluation and assessment of Party committee (Party group) secretaries in grassroots party construction, and promoted party organization secretaries at all levels to earnestly perform the duties of the first responsible person. State owned enterprises generally refine the responsibility list, improve the responsibility chain, quantify to the post, clarify to the person and specific to the matter, and form a responsibility chain that is connected from top to bottom, linked, responsible and implemented at all levels.

——Promote due diligence。Party committees (Party groups) of state-owned enterprises in all localities have earnestly fulfilled the main responsibility of managing the party and taking party building as their greatest political achievement. Beijing, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan and other places have established a mechanism for Party committee standing committees to regularly listen to reports on Party construction work of state-owned enterprises and study major issues. Each standing committee member regularly visits the contacted enterprises for investigation and guidance to help solve practical problems. Members of the leading bodies of primary and secondary enterprises of central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises generally establish grass-roots party building contact points. Tianjin, Hebei, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places will improve the working mechanism of contact points such as field research, work guidance and organizational life, so as to promote work on the front line, solve problems on the front line and cultivate typical models on the front line.

——Focus on accuracy and practicality。Make good use of the baton of assessment and evaluation, report not only the economic account, but also the "party building account", so as to pursue accountability and promote the performance of duties. All central enterprises and more than 90% of provincial state-owned enterprises have implemented the annual party construction work system of Party committees (Party groups) reporting to higher-level party organizations. Central enterprises and provincial state-owned enterprises have comprehensively carried out the evaluation and assessment of Party organization secretaries in grassroots party construction. The SASAC of the State Council has carried out the assessment of the responsibility system of Party construction every year since 2017 to "scan the portrait" of Party Construction in central enterprises. All state-owned enterprises in all localities have incorporated the assessment of Party building into the assessment of work reporting, formed a closed loop of deployment at the beginning of the year, supervision at the middle of the year and assessment at the end of the year, and promoted state-owned enterprises to grasp and shoulder the political responsibility of managing the party and prospering enterprises.

A hundred years of glory, refined into steel. The development history of state-owned enterprises is a history of adhering to the party's leadership and strengthening the party's construction. Entering a new era and marching into a new journey, state-owned enterprises will always bear in mind their original mission, carry forward glorious traditions, continue their red blood, strive to be the first in accelerating the construction of world-class enterprises, and show the responsibility and contribution of state-owned enterprises to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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