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General secretary Xi Jinping attended the central talent work conference And delivered an important speech

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"Adhere to the party's management of talents, face the world's scientific and technological frontier, the main economic battlefield, the major needs of the country and the people's life and health, deeply implement the strategy of strengthening the country with talents in the new era, cultivate, introduce and make good use of talents in an all-round way, accelerate the construction of an important talent center and innovation highland in the world, provide talent support for the basic realization of socialist modernization in 2035 and provide talent support for 2050 Build a strong modern socialist country in an all-round way and lay a good talent foundation. "

From September 27 to 28, the central talent work conference was held in Beijing. General secretary Xi Jinping attended and delivered an important speech. Xi Jinping made a comprehensive review of the historic achievements of the party's eighteen talents, and scientifically answered a series of important theoretical and practical problems in the work of talents in the new era, and made clear the guiding ideology, strategic objectives, key tasks and policy initiatives.

The speech is rich in connotation and profound in thought, contains key top-level design and strategic planning, and is a programmatic document for the layout of talent work in the new era.

Eight "persistence" summarize new ideas, new strategies and new measures
Since the eighteen Party's Congress, facing the perplexing international situation and arduous tasks of reform, development and stability, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping has always placed the talent work in the key position of governing the country's overall situation. Leaders have promoted historic work and historical changes in the new era of talent work. An increasingly prominent talent team is gradually taking shape.

At the conference, Xi Jinping made it clear that "the talent station in China is at a new historical starting point".
In the light of the party's experience in talent work since the eighteen Party's top eight, Xi Jinping has systematically summarized the new concept, new strategy and new measures in the new era of talent work with the "insistence" system. Adhere to the strategic position of talent leading development; Adhere to facing the world's scientific and technological frontier, the main economic battlefield, major national needs and people's life and health; Adhere to all-round training and good use of talents; Persist in deepening the reform of talent development system and mechanism; Adhere to gather talents from all over the world and use them; Adhere to creating an environment for recognizing, loving, respecting and using talents; We will continue to carry forward the spirit of scientists.
These eight "insistences" are the deepening of the understanding of the regularity of the development of China's talent cause and have strong guiding significance. We must always adhere to and constantly enrich and develop.
At present, China has entered a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and marching towards the goal of the second century. At the same time, the domestic and international environment facing China's development is also undergoing profound and complex changes. The closer we are to the grand goal of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the stronger the desire for talents.
Talent competition is the core of comprehensive national strength competition. Xi Jinping said in his speech that we must enhance our sense of hardship, pay more attention to independent training of talents, and accelerate the establishment of competitive advantage of human resources.
"Three steps" deployment anchor the talent work goal in the new era
In the new era, if the talent cause wants to achieve great development, it must have a big vision and magnanimity.
In his speech, Xi Jinping put forward the important strategic objective of talent work in the new era -- building the world's important talent center and innovative highland, and worked out a clear road map with three steps.
——By 2025, the R & D investment of the whole society will increase significantly, the construction of the main force of scientific and technological innovation will make important progress, the concentration level of top scientists will be significantly improved, the ability of independent talent training will be continuously enhanced, and there will be a large number of strategic scientific and technological talents, first-class scientific and technological leaders and innovation teams in key core technology fields;
——By 2030, a talent system to adapt to high-quality development will be basically formed, the independent training ability of innovative talents will be significantly improved, and its attraction to the world's outstanding talents will be significantly enhanced. There will be a number of leaders in major scientific and technological fields and a number of pioneers in emerging cutting-edge cross fields;
——By 2035, China will form a comparative advantage in talent competition in many fields, and the national strategic scientific and technological strength and high-level talent team will rank in the forefront of the world.

Carefully taste the specific statements, "substantial growth", "significant improvement" and "significant improvement" mark the progressive objectives to be achieved at each stage, and a series of keywords such as "key core technology", "innovation" and "strategic science and technology" highlight the clear requirements of high-quality development.
These "three steps" are the top-level design and strategic deployment of talent work in the new era.
In order to speed up the construction of the world's important talent center and the highland of innovation, Xi Jinping made specific plans from various aspects at the conference. For example:

Talking about the strategic layout, Xi Jinping pointed out that we could build high-level talents in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau. Some central city with high level of talent should also focus on building a platform for attracting and gathering talents, and speeding up the formation of strategic fulcrum and geese pattern.
On deepening the reform of the system and mechanism of talent development, Xi Jinping stressed the need to fully empower the employing subject according to the needs and the actual situation. We should actively untie the talents and improve the talent management system, so as to be qualified, qualified, talented, and talented.
Talking about training and using strategic scientists, Xi Jinping pointed out that we should persist in long-term vision, consciously discover and train high-level talents with strategic talents, and form the echelon of strategic scientists.
Talking about building a leader in science and technology and an innovative team, Xi Jinping stressed the need to create a large scale youth scientific and technological talent team, and put the focus on young scientists and technicians in fostering national strategic talents.
On the all round cultivation, introduction and good use of talents, Xi Jinping asked for a good way to train talents independently, set up a trust based personnel utilization mechanism, set up a platform for all kinds of talents to set up business leaders, and enable enterprises to motivate talents and make them achieve their careers.
"Do not demand all blame, do not have promotion according to status, do not use a ruler to measure" "allow failure, tolerance failure", "support young talents to choose the backbone, and become the leading role". These problems that puzzle and understand talents, use talents and nurturing talents are Xi Jinping's concerns.
"China has the largest higher education system in the world and has a broad stage for the development of various undertakings. It is fully capable of continuously cultivating a large number of excellent talents and masters. We should have such determination and confidence." this statement reflects the talent confidence of leaders of big countries and injects strong strength into the development of talent undertakings in the new era.

"Adhering to the party's overall leadership over talent work" is the key
The key to running China's affairs well lies in the party, people and talents.
Xi Jinping has made it clear that the key to choosing the best talents in the world is to uphold the party's principle of managing talents and follow the laws of socialist market economy and the law of talent growth.
Under the unified leadership of the Party committee, the organization department takes the lead in grasping the general manager, the relevant departments perform their duties and cooperate closely, the employing units play the main role and social forces participate widely... Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the leadership system and work pattern of the party in managing talents have been continuously improved.

In May 2021, the first leading and comprehensive basic backbone regulation on organizational work in the history of the party, the regulations on the organizational work of the Communist Party of China, was issued, with a special chapter to regulate the party's talent work and clarify the system and mechanism of the party's management of talents.
In this speech, Xi Jinping focused on "adhering to the party's overall leadership of talent work" in the new era of talent work in the primary position, put forward different levels of requirements for the party's organizations at all levels, and compacted responsibilities at various levels.
——Party committees (Party groups) at all levels should improve the talent work pattern of unified leadership of Party committees, leadership of organization departments, close cooperation of functional departments and wide participation of social forces.
——All localities and departments should be based on reality, highlight key points and solve practical problems with strong talent response. We should increase investment in talent development and improve the efficiency of talent investment.
——The propaganda departments of Party committees at all levels and the education, science and technology, industry and information technology, security, human resources and social security, culture and tourism, state-owned assets, finance, foreign affairs and other departments of governments at all levels should give full play to their functions and roles and jointly implement various tasks of talent work.
Talent is the foundation of the future. Pay attention to cultivating, uniting, leading and achieving talents, unite and support talents from all aspects to make contributions to the cause of the party and the people... This is the key "password" for the CPC to unite and lead the Chinese people through wind and rain and sustainable development over the past century, and it is also the strength to deal with any risks and challenges from a new starting point.

Source: Communist Party member network

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