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Always put the people at the top of my mind —— on Xi Jinping's theory of governance, Volume III

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The publication of the third volume of "Xi Jinping on governance" is a major event in the political life of the entire Party. Studying this book and the first and second volumes published before it, we deeply realize that the red line of "putting the people first" has always been followed, and fully demonstrates general secretary Xi Jinping's broad feelings of governing for the people. In March 2013, at the first session of the 12th National People's Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping explicitly urged all Communist Party members, especially leading cadres, to always place the people at the top of their minds, unswervingly strive for the cause of the Party and the people. This important speech is included in "Xi Jinping on governance, " volume one. The newly published third volume contains an important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the First Session of the 13th National People's Congress in March 2018, stressing that all state functionaries should always place the people at the top of their mind, always serve the people heart and soul and work hard for the interests and happiness of the people. It is of great significance for us to study the third volume of "Xi Jinping on governance" and hold firmly the red line of "people first" .

1. The happiness of the people is the cause of the Communist Party

The Communist Party of China is a Marxist political party that serves the people heart and soul. Everything it strives for is for the common people to have a better life. During the war years, our Party led the people to "turn over a new leaf and seek liberation" , vowing to "seek happiness for the laboring masses of the world" . In the years of bitter struggle, comrade Mao Zedong asked the whole Party to pay constant attention to solving the problems of clothing, food, housing, food, fuel, food, disease, sanitation, marriage and other practical problems of the masses. It can be said that when our Party leads the people in carrying out the new-democratic revolution, it is to "seek happiness for the people" , let the laboring masses be the masters of the country and live a happy and happy new life. After the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China, our Party led the people in carrying out socialist revolution and construction, striving to change the backward face of the country, striving to make people's lives better as soon as possible. Since the reform and opening-up, our Party put forward "one must eat, two must build" , to improve the living standards of the people. To this end, our party concentrated on construction and development, leading the people ushered in a great leap from inadequate food and clothing to a well-off and prosperous.

As we enter a new era, major changes have taken place in the principal social contradictions of our country, and the people's needs for a better life are increasingly extensive. Not only have higher requirements been put forward for material and cultural life, and in democracy, the rule of law, fairness, justice, security, the environment and other aspects of the growing demand. "The aspiration of the people for a better life is our goal. " The solemn commitment of General Secretary Xi Jinping embodies the fundamental nature and purpose of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and demonstrates the firm belief that the people will always be the top priority in our hearts, for the new era of Chinese Communists to point the way forward. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has been studying the development of poor areas and the livelihood of poor people in Tibet, it further demonstrates the value pursuit of the People's yearning for a better life as the goal of our party.

Entering a new era, to meet the people's aspirations for a better life, we must adhere to the strategic concept of scientific and high-quality development and strive to achieve higher-quality, more efficient, fairer and more sustainable development, to produce more and better material and spiritual products, not only to make the "cake" bigger, but also to divide the "cake" well, so that all people will benefit more and more equitably from the fruits of development, and make steady progress towards achieving common prosperity; We should, with deep and sincere feelings for the people, appreciate their safety and warmth, listen to their voices and respond to their expectations, and constantly realize, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, having resolved the most immediate and realistic interests of the people, and making sustained progress in the areas of early childhood education, education, work, medical care for the sick, support for the aged, housing, and support for the weak, it will also better protect the people's rights and interests in economic, political, cultural, social and ecological fields, promote the all-round development of human beings and turn the people's aspirations for a better life into reality step by step.

2. The people are our party's greatest strength in power

May 31,2019, "The people are our party's greatest strength in governing, the solid foundation of our republic and the foundation for strengthening the Party and rejuvenating the country, " General Secretary Xi Jinping said at the education work conference under the theme "Never Forget our original aspiration and always keep our mission firmly in mind. " The Communist Party of China comes from the people and is rooted in the people, live and prosper for the people. The party will surely lead the people from victory to victory by keeping the people at the top of its mind, sharing the people's heart, sharing weal and woe and working in solidarity with them.

The people are the strong backing of our party from the small to the big, from the weak to the strong, to seize power and long-term governance. At every critical stage and major juncture of the revolution, construction and reform, our party has always been firmly dependent on the people and has been constantly overcoming all kinds of risks and difficulties on its way forward, striding over one ditch after another and stepping over one obstacle after another. In response, Comrade Mao Zedong once pointed out with deep feeling: "What is the real iron wall? It is the masses, eleven million who sincerely support the revolution. " Facts have proved that, if we unite the eleven million masses, we will be invincible. During the period of Jinggang Mountains, our Party led the workers and peasants to divide their territory and rely on the people to establish and consolidate their Communist-controlled China. During the period of Anti-japanese War, our Party unleashed the masses, strengthened the people's power and relied on the people to defeat the Empire of Japan. During the period of the war of liberation, our Party won a decisive victory in the final victory of the Chinese revolution by relying on the people to "push it out with their carts" . For more than 70 years, relying on the people, the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China has successfully withstood the major tests of restoring and developing the national economy, carrying out socialist transformation, exploring the road of economic construction, and advancing reform and opening up, having overcome many risks and challenges such as International Disturbance, financial crisis, natural disaster and public health, the cause of the party and the country has made brilliant achievements that attract worldwide attention.

The people are the Party in power the biggest strength, also is the Party in power the deepest foundation. It is in this sense that the heart of the people is the greatest politics. "We must always take the position of the people as our fundamental position, take seeking happiness for the people as our fundamental mission, adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people heart and soul, implement the Mass line, respect the People's dominant position and initiative, maintain close ties with the people, rally the people and lead them in creating history, " Xi told the party, our Party has carried out in-depth Mass Line Education activities and education on the theme of "Don't forget your original intention and keep your mission firmly in mind" . It opposes the "four winds" with marked vigor, and punishes corruption with zero tolerance, we will continue to strengthen the flesh-and-blood ties between the Party and the people. As long as we always adhere to the position of the people and the position of the people as the main body of the people, consult the people with an open mind, draw on the wisdom of the people, share the same destiny and heart-to-heart with the people, do our best to alleviate their worries, relieve their distress and warm their hearts, we will surely win the heartfelt support and support of the people, and then gather the great strength of our Party in ruling for a long time and pushing forward reform and development.

3. We stuck to the vision of people-centered development

The question of why people, is a fundamental issue, a matter of principle. As Marxism and Friedrich Engels put it in the communist manifesto, "all the movements of the past were movements of the few or for the benefit of the few. The movement of the proletariat is an independent movement for the benefit of the vast majority of people."The Communist Party of China has inherited and developed this Marxist position, establishing serving the people heart and soul as the fundamental purpose of the party. For a hundred years, our Party and the people have been in the same boat through thick and thin, sharing the same fate and unswervingly seeking benefits for the people. Over the past 70 years, the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China has increased from 49.7 yuan to more than 30,000 yuan, and the life expectancy has increased from 35 to 77 years. The disposable income has built the world's largest social safety net and the world's largest education system, the number of people living in poverty decreased from 98.99 million at the end of 2012 to 5.51 million at the end of 2019, and the poverty incidence rate dropped from 10.2 percent to 0.6 percent, creating a miracle in the history of the fight against poverty. A string of numbers to write the people's livelihood to improve the vicissitudes of life, one achievement after another to development for the people to write a vivid and warm footnotes. Facing the future, we must always adhere to the people-centered concept of development and, while continuously meeting the people's material and cultural needs, pay more attention to meeting the people's new expectations in the areas of democracy, the rule of law, fairness, justice, security and the environment, we will continue to enhance the people's sense of gain, security and happiness.

"History is written by the people, and all achievements are attributed to the people, " Xi said. As long as we are deeply rooted in the people and firmly rely on them, we will gain infinite strength and forge ahead, rain or shine, always rely on the people, overcome one after another seemingly insurmountable difficulties, create one after another in the history of the human miracle. From the Menglianggu Campaign's stretcher-bearers to the Huaihai Campaign's grain wagons, from the red flag canal on the cliffs of Taihang Mountains to the "big package" in Xiaogang village, from the "Green Miracle" in Afforestation to the most successful "poverty alleviation story" in history, once the power of the people is aroused, it will have the power to change the world. In the final analysis, we must rely on the people to complete the Xiaokang in all respects and embark on a new journey to build a modern socialist country. To this end, we must always rely on the people for Development, respect the initiative of the people, consciously worship the people as teachers, seek advice from those who can, seek advice from the wise, and draw wisdom and strength from the practical creation of the people; We should regard the people's support or disapproval, approval or disapproval, cheerfulness or consent as the fundamental criterion for measuring the success or failure of all our work, and insist that the people judge the effectiveness of development, regard the people as the supreme arbiter and final judge of the work of our party.

It is an essential requirement of socialism for the masses to share the fruits of reform and development, and an important reflection of our party's fundamental purpose of serving the people heart and soul. Comrade Deng Xiaoping once pointed out: "socialism is not about a few getting rich and the majority getting poor. It is not like that. The greatest advantage of socialism is common prosperity, which embodies the essence of socialism."The fifth plenary session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China put forward a new concept of development, the Concept of Shared Development emphasizes that the people should fully enjoy the fruits of reform and development. We need to firmly establish and implement the New Vision of development. While promoting high-quality economic development, we also need to strategically make more effective institutional arrangements to ensure that the gains of reform and development benefit all our people in a more equitable manner.

4. I will live up to the people without me

March 22,2019, "For such a big country, the responsibilities are very heavy and the work is very arduous, " Xi said during a meeting with foreign friends. I will live up to the people without me. I am willing to be selfless and devote myself to the development of China."With all the people in my heart, but no one else, this state of "selflessness" demonstrates the responsibility of a leader of a major country and his feelings for the people, and sets a shining example of upholding the supremacy of the people.

It is the political underpinnings of the Chinese communists and the source of the strength of our Circle of Life to always maintain the New Heart to the people. A Hundred Years of wind and rain galloping, the Chinese communists have broad and profound feelings of the people, and always maintain the passion and dedication to strive for the happiness of the people. "cadres should have a strong love for the people, care about the people, be for the people, and care for the people, " General Secretary Xi Jinping ordered. "They should always keep in mind the hearts of their fellow villagers. ". He said affectionately: "I have been thinking about the poor areas of the villagers, the villagers do not get out of poverty, I can not rest a day. ". Our Party is a party that serves the people heart and soul. All the party's work is to solve problems and seek happiness for the common people. On the road to a well-off society in an all-round way, we can not afford to lose any one who has been lifted out of poverty and made rich."In the face of the sudden outbreak of new pneumonia, he is always concerned about the safety of the people's lives. He personally directs and deploys them, and has issued important instructions and instructions on many occasions, demanding that "the safety of the people's lives and physical health be put first. " "The people are Supreme, life is supreme, and the People's safety and health can be protected at all costs. " At the same time, we call for the effective protection of the basic livelihood of the people and the strengthening of protection for those in need, special Care should be given to the patients, especially the families with relatives who died, and visits and necessary assistance should be strengthened to the groups such as the elderly, children in difficulty and the seriously ill and disabled who are isolated at home due to the epidemic. The heart of the people's fist, the interpretation of "I will not self, live up to the people, " the love of the people.

"My governing philosophy, in a nutshell, is to serve the people and shoulder the responsibility, " Xi stressed. "power does not neglect its responsibilities, and a high position does not lose the spirit of a public servant. ". Leading cadres at all levels, regardless of the size of their posts, are all public servants of the people. They all need not be in my spiritual realm to succeed. Success must be borne by my history, we must have a high degree of responsibility to the people, serve the people heart and soul dedication. Human Life is limited, but serving the people is unlimited. Party members and cadres should consciously set up the consciousness of public servants and devote their limited lives to serving the people in an unlimited way. They should have the courage to turn the blade inward, resolutely oppose the formalism and bureaucracy, and always serve the people as public servants, always be together with the people want to do together, so that we continue to have a great power to push forward history.

By studying the first three volumes of Xi Jinping on governance, we can deeply appreciate that all the efforts, struggles and sacrifices our party has made over the past century are for the well-being of the people and the rejuvenation of the nation. Every generation has its own long march, and every generation should take its own long march. The Long March of the Chinese Communists in the new era is to realize the "two centenary goals" and realize the Chinese Dream Chinese dream. The blueprints are in place. It's time to move on. As long as we always place the people at the top of our hearts, as requested by General Secretary Xi Jinping, always stay true to our original aspiration, continue to nurture our original aspiration, earnestly practice our original aspiration, and rely on the people to overcome the difficulties and obstacles on our way forward, will be able to create stand the test of practice, the people and History of brilliant performance.

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