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A guide to the second centennial goal -- An interpretation of the proposal of the CPC Central Committee for formulating the 14th five-year plan for National Economic and Social Development and the 2035 long-term goals

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On November 3, Xinhua was authorized to broadcast the recommendations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on formulating the 14th five-year plan for National Economic and Social Development and the long-term goals for 2035, which were adopted at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee.

The 15-part, 60-article, 20,000-word plan, drawn up under the personal leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, it is a programme document for launching a new journey towards the second centenary goal of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and a guide to action for China's economic and social development in the next five years and beyond.

Standing at the intersection of the two centenary goals, this blueprint for pursuing the dream of a new era and a new journey is not only vital to the well-being of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, but will bring more "China opportunities" to the world's development!

A new goal: building a modern socialist country in an all-round way

After the completion of the Xiaokang in China, the 14th five-year plan will start a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and sound the clarion call to march towards the second centenary goal.

The 19th National Congress of the CPC made a two-stage strategic arrangement for the realization of the second centenary goal. As the concrete implementation of this strategic arrangement, the proposal outlines a beautiful picture of basic realization of socialist modernization by 2035 through 9 aspects --

China's economic strength, scientific and technological strength, and Comprehensive National Power will rise by leaps and bounds; a modernized economic system will be established; the modernization of the country's governance system and governance capacity will be basically achieved; and the soft power of the country's culture will be significantly strengthened The building of a beautiful China has basically been achieved; a new pattern of opening up has taken shape; per capita GDP has reached the level of a moderately developed country; and the building of a safe China has reached a higher level More tangible and substantial progress has been made towards the common prosperity of all the people..

"China's 14th five-year plan is very future-oriented and needs to be oriented towards a more long-term future, not just the next five years, " Reuters said.

Han Wenxiu, deputy director in charge of the day-to-day work of the office of the Central Financial and Economic Commission, said that the plan puts the "14th five-year plan" development as the focus, while looking ahead to the 2035 vision. This will help clarify the way forward, build social consensus, link and harmonize short-, medium-and long-term development goals and enhance strategic coherence.

Co-ordinating two big things: Development and security

Standing at the historical juncture, with the strategic overall situation of the Chinese Dream on the one hand and the major changes in the world in a century on the other, how can China go on to the next stage?

Through the planning of the "proposal" an important thread of thought to answer: co-ordination of Development and security two major events, concentrate on their own affairs.

Security is the premise of development, and development is the guarantee of security.

"Overall Development and security" , "adherence to the overall concept of national security" , "prevention and resolution of various risks affecting China's modernization process" ... while planning for major development tasks, system deployment around "security. ".

Wang Jun, a member of the Academic Committee of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, said that the world today is going through a major change not seen in a century, and the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development in China is still prominent. To enhance the sense of urgency, adhere to the bottom line thinking, the difficulties and complexity of the more fully estimated, more in-depth thinking of all kinds of risks, attention to plug loopholes, strengths and weaknesses, a good first move, a good initiative.

Three "new" run through the full text: New Development Stage, new development idea, new development pattern

Read the proposal carefully, a main line runs through the whole text: New Development Stage, new development concept, new development pattern.

Han Wenxiu stressed that the three "new" reflects the planning of the "proposal" of the core.

China will enter a new stage of development during the 14th five-year Plan Period, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the sixteen meetings of the Central Reform Commission on Nov. 2.

Zhang Yansheng, principal researcher of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, said that the new development stage started from the 14th five-year plan through reading the proposal, it is the new stage of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and marching towards the second centenary goal.

In order to adapt to the new development stage, it is necessary to construct a new development pattern which is guided by the new development concept.

"We will unswervingly implement the new concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development. " "We will accelerate the building of a new pattern of development featuring greater domestic circulation as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international circulation. " ... The proposal stressed in the guiding ideology for economic and Social Development during the 14th five-year plan period.

Adhere to the strategic base of expanding domestic demand, accelerate the cultivation of a complete domestic demand system, and organically combine the implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand with the deepening of supply-side structural reform, with innovation-driven, high-quality supply to lead and create new demand... planning "proposal" also highlighted the construction of a new development pattern.

Xu Hongcai, deputy director of the Economic Policy Committee of the China Policy Science Research Association, said that focusing on building a new development pattern under the guidance of the effective new development concept of the 13th five-year plan will not only lead China to go deep and go solid in its new development phase, it will also help the global economic recovery and bring more opportunities to the world. It will further enrich and develop Xi's thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.

New Layout of "four comprehensiveness" : A new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way

Opening the planning "suggestion" , the 14th five-year plan strategic layout has a new expression --

We will coordinate and push forward the strategic layout of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, deepening reform in an all-round way, running the country according to law in an all-round way, and exercising strict governance over the party in an all-round way.

From "building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way" to "building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, " Xin Ming, a professor at the Central Party School (State Administration College) , declared that China was about to embark on a brand-new journey of development, it reflects our party's deepening understanding of the characteristics of the development stage.

The new stage of development is a new juncture of reform. The plan lays out new plans for deepening reform in an all-round way: stimulating the vitality of various market entities, improving macroeconomic governance, establishing a modern fiscal, taxation and financial system, building a high-standard market system and accelerating the transformation of government functions.

Wang Jun said that in the 14th five-year plan to comprehensively deepen reform, more attention should be paid to the building of institutions and governance systems, more efforts should be made to solve the deep-seated institutional problems, and the reform should be more systematic, holistic and coordinated.

We will fully implement the Party's principal responsibility and supervisory responsibility for the strict governance of the party, and improve the quality of Party building. We will fully implement the party's organizational line for the new era. The Veronica Guerin will implement the spirit of the Central Committee's eight-point decision We will continue to build a country, government and society under the rule of law as a whole. The proposal is based on a series of plans for comprehensively exercising strict governance over the Party and comprehensively ruling the country by law.

Jiang Jinquan, director of the Central Policy Research Office, said that upholding the party's overall leadership and strengthening the Central Committee's centralized and unified leadership are the most important guarantees for achieving the economic and Social Development Goals during the 14th five-year plan period. It is the choice of history and the people that the Party should lead the Chinese Dream. It has sufficient historical, theoretical and practical basis.

Five New Development Ideas: guiding high-quality development during the 14th five-year plan

Planning the core of the proposal, with 12 parts to show the "14th five-year" development of the major tasks, behind a clear logical line through the Harvard unswerving implementation of innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing the new concept of development.

The 12 major tasks, "adhere to innovation-driven development" was placed in the first place.

We should adhere to the core position of innovation in the overall modernization of our country and take self-reliance in science and technology as the strategic support of national development.

"This is the first time in the history that our Party has formulated a five-year plan proposal. It is also a strategic layout that the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has grasped the general trend of world development, based on the current situation and with a long-term view, " said Wang Zhigang, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China Minister.

"Enterprises are the main body and new force of innovation, as well as the users and beneficiaries of innovation achievements. The next step is to strive for major breakthroughs in key areas and better help build a strong country in science and technology, " said Pan Gang, party secretary and chairman of Yili Group.

The concept of harmony, green, open and sharing embodies the requirement of high-quality development --

We will optimize the spatial layout of land and promote coordinated regional development and new urbanization;

To promote green development and promote the harmonious coexistence of man and nature;

We will open up to the outside world at a high level and open up new prospects for win-win cooperation;

Improve People's quality of life, improve the level of social construction;


"The proposal fully demonstrates that the new development concept runs through the whole process and all fields of future development, indicates the path by which the blueprint for the future will become a reality, and guides China to forge ahead firmly in the direction of high-quality development, so that the fruits of development will benefit hundreds of millions of people, " Wang Jun said.

Six Development Goals: Drawing a new prospect of the 14th five-year Plan

As the first five years of the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way during the period of the 14th five-year plan, it is of vital importance to get a good start and a good start.

From the six "new" , the proposal proposes the main objectives of economic and social development during the period of the "14th five-year Plan" :

New Achievements have been made in economic development, new steps have been taken in reform and opening up, the degree of social civilization has been raised, new progress has been made in building an ecological civilization, the well-being of the people has reached a new level, and the efficiency of state governance has been enhanced.

"The central government has anchored the long-term goal for 2035, put forward the main goal for the economic and social development during the period of the 14th five-year plan, taking into account the development trends at home and abroad and the conditions for China's development, and found the right breakthrough and focus for building a modern socialist country, " said Xin Ming.

Focusing on the new improvement of social civilization, the proposal put forward that the public cultural service system and the cultural industry system should be improved, the people's spiritual and cultural life should be enriched, and the influence of Chinese culture should be further enhanced.

Wang Xiaohui, the vice minister in charge of day-to-day work of the central propaganda department, said that the proposal not only explicitly states to build a strong cultural country by 2035, but also uses a special section to deploy cultural development, it puts forward the basic train of thought and key tasks of cultural construction in the next five years, which shows that our party attaches great importance to cultural construction.

At present, China's per capita GDP exceeds us $10,000, and the middle-income group exceeds 400 million people. The proposal lays out a set of policy "combination fists" in the area of income distribution, including improving the mechanism for reasonable wage growth, focusing on increasing the income of low-income groups, expanding the middle-income groups, and increasing the property income of urban and rural residents through various channels, take a strong step toward "steadfastly promoting common prosperity. ".

Ning Jizhe, deputy director of the NDRC and director of the National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China, said that under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the NDRC will follow the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee, do a good job in drawing up the outline of the national 14th five-year plan, put forward corresponding quantitative goals and specific targets on the basis of careful calculation in accordance with the general direction and grand strategy set out in the proposal for the plan, we will promote rational economic growth in quantity and steady improvement in quality to make a good start and a good start in building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.

Source: Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 3

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