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Party history lesson four: A representative of the different life

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When the big one's over,
The 13 delegates travelled widely
Have gone their separate ways
Different destinies

Wang Jinmei died in his prime
Thank you for that

He Shuheng, Deng Enming, Chen Tanqiu
For their cause
The realization of communism
And give their lives

Even if it kills me first
After frequent for Jiuquan

DUNNING's prison poem
It was back then
Of the Revolutionary Martyrs of that era
A common voice

Lee Han-jun, Li Da
Without giving up on your faith

Bao Huisen
And alienated the revolution

Renjing Liu
Adhere to Trotskyism
Expelled from the party

Chen Gongbo, Zhou Fohai, Zhang Guotao
The rebels defected to the enemy

Especially Chen Gongbo, Zhou Fohai
Not only betrayed the Chinese Communist Party
It's a betrayal of the Chinese nation
Has Become
A great and hated traitor

To follow Wang Jingwei, to betray his country to the enemy

Images of Chen Gongbo's trial

Zhou Fohai, third in command of the puppet government

October 1,1949
Stand on the Tiananmen
Witness the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China
The Big One stands for
Just Mao Zedong and Dong Biwu

The man of the hour

A dozen of them
Get together in Shanghai
On a great historical mission

It's the same dozen people
Then he made a different choice
In a very different way

Their tortuous experiences
The characteristics of the times are violent and turbulent
And it's left a legacy
It's about life
Deep feeling and thinking

References: A party history field collection
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