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Lecture 9: The significance of the CPC s three great powers

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12-20 June 1923
3rd National Congress of the Communist Party of China
In Guangzhou

Venue: No. 31, Charity Orphanage, Higashiyama, Guangzhou (No. 3, Charity Orphanage road, today)

The General Assembly has three main items on its agenda
One is to discuss the draft programme of the party
Second, to discuss cooperation with the Kuomintang
Third, the election of the party's Central Executive Committee
The central issue was to discuss cooperation with the Kuomintang
The question of establishing a Revolutionary United Front

The three great powers of the Party
The party's early days were officially resolved
The major differences on the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party within the party
Unified the whole Party's understanding

The Communist Party members have been officially confirmed
To join the Kuomintang as a person
The strategic principle of inner-party cooperation with the Kuomintang

To enable the Party to unite all possible United Forces
We will work together to accomplish the tasks of the Democratic Revolution Against Imperialism and feudalism
t was a landmark national convention

It was at the meeting of the Third National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party
The strategy of establishing the United Front was determined
Promoted the realization of the first cooperation between the KMT and the CPC

The Chinese Communist Party has achieved
The historical transformation from social revolution to national revolution
The political stage for the Communist Party's activities expanded rapidly
Accelerated the pace of the Chinese revolution

Is really starting to take off
To lead the people of the whole country in the revolutionary road of fighting imperialism and feudalism
In preparation for the great revolution

References: A party history field collection
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