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On the second day of the Fifth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Li Dazhao died a hero in Beijing

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He was a pioneer of the Communist movement
One of the main founders of the Chinese Communist Party
But on the second day of the Fifth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party
To die a hero

April 28,1927
The second day of the Party's Fifth Congress
Li Dazhao, 38
He was hanged at the Jingshi detention center on the western outskirts of Beijing

The Morning Post left
Of the party founder's unhurried death
It also left a record:
He wore a grey cotton tunic
Blue Jacket
As if he were a communist leader
He's taking it in stride
Not Panicking

Li Dazhao died on the eve of the Fifth Party Congress
This is a true reflection of the severe situation at that time

January 1925
The opening of the party's four major conferences
The climax of the great revolution
The outbreak of the May 30 movement
Marked the climax of the great revolution

With the rapid development of the Revolutionary Movement
The anti-communist countercurrent stirred up by the Kuomintang Rightists is also on the increase

Chiang Kai-shek is in Shanghai
The Shanghai massacre of 1927 that started it
Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other provinces
They hunted down and killed communists and revolutionaries on a large scale one after another
Only in Guangdong
More than 2,000 people have been killed

Prior to that, April 6,
Zhang Zuolin, a warlord
In defiance of international diplomatic practice
Military Police attacked the Soviet Embassy in Beijing
Li Dazhao and 20 others were arrested

The revolution suffered partial defeat
All sorts of crises hit
Wuhan's government is increasingly shaken
The party is divided
The Chinese revolution faces an extremely critical situation
This was the situation inside and outside the Party before the Fifth National Congress

Whether to continue the cooperation between the KMT and the CPC?
How can we breakthe encirclement of the counter-revolution?
How can we consolidate and develop the successes we have already achieved?
What should the Communist Party of China do? ...

These pressing questions
In front of the Chinese Communists
At the same time in front of the five major party

References: A party history field collection
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