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Lesson 20 the Red Army is not afraid to go on an expedition

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The Long March of the seven laws

——Mao Zedong

The Red Army is not afraid of expeditionary difficult, thousands of rivers and mountains only idle.
Wuling meandering thin waves, Wumeng Bo take the mud pill.
Jinsha water hits Yunya warm, Dadu Bridge transverse iron cable cold.
I like the snow in Min Mountains even more.

October 1934
After the failure of the fifth counter-campaign
The Red Army, the main force of the Central Committee
In order to get rid of the Kuomintang Army's encirclement and pursuit
Forced to evacuate Communist-controlled China
For a major shift in strategy
And began the long, arduous journey

Long March
He composed a great revolutionary poem that shocked the world and cried for ghosts and Gods
Is One of the greatest events in the history of the Chinese Communist Party
It's the greatest epic in human history

On this long journey,
The Red Army carried out more than 600 battles with the enemy
Across nearly a hundred rivers
And climbed over 40 dangerous mountains
There are more than 20 snow-capped mountains over 4,000 meters above sea level
Across the vast expanse of grass known as the "death trap. "
Overcome the limits of human existence with dogged will
The Red Army soldiers performed the greatest military feat
A Majestic War drama
And created a miracle that swallowed mountains and rivers

Over the snow-capped Mountains
Lack of food and clothing
It's too cold for me
Bite into a hot pepper in your mouth
The only thing we can do is support each other

Written by General Zhang Aiping
"There is no trace of wind and smoke in the green source,
Knee-deep in mud.
POTHERB boiled to keep you warm,
Hay Burns to keep the night cold away."
Is a true reflection of the 600-mile stretch of water and grass

Red Army soldier
Some are swallowed by the mud
Some will freeze to death in the cold
Some of them got sick and died
More die of starvation
13 months and 2 days

October 1935
On the one hand, the Red Army joined up with the Red Army of Shanbei in victory
October 1936
The second Red Army and the fourth Red Army arrived in Gansu
The three main forces converge
The end of the Red Army's Long March

When the Long March of the Dead Tone
When we finally meet in northwest China,
The number of reds
From 300,000 to 40,000

Long March
It's not just a road
A group of people
It's a flag
A monument

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed
Each generation has its own long march
Each generation must go its own Long March

The Long March of our generation
That is to achieve the "two centenary goals"
Realizing the Chinese Dream's Chinese dream

References: A party history field collection
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