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Their feelings are as tender as water

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In those days, there was a saying in Yimeng Mountain Area: "A mother sends her son, a wife sends her son, and a son sends his last son to the battlefield. A mouthful of rice makes military food; a piece of cloth makes military uniforms; and the last piece of torn cotton-padded jacket is covered on a stretcher. " Before 1.2 million people went to war, 200,000 joined the army and 100,000 died in battle.

How do Yimeng women support the front line? How to write a song of praise for defending the country with tenacity? "The story told by Xi Jinping, " a series of special reports on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, tells you a touching story of the 100th Party Congress.

Located in Linyi, Shandong Province, east Xinzhuang is surrounded on three sides by water and mountains. In June 1939, the Shandong Sub-bureau of the Chinese Communist Party and the first column of the Eighth Route Army moved to be stationed in the steep terrain of Dongxinzhuang to command the anti-japanese war. Along with the army came the children of 27 Chinese soldiers, the youngest just three days old.

Wang first persuaded his daughter-in-law and sister-in-law to raise seven children. In less than five days, all 27 children were taken care of by the villagers under her inspiration.

In Yimeng, "red sister-in-law" does not refer to a particular person, but refers to a group. They feed the revolution with milk and Millet Porridge and push history forward with trolleys. In 1947, a day before the start of the Menglianggu Campaign, the East China Field Army was about to attack. A Bridge must be built on the Wen river between the village of Cui and the village of Wan Liang in Yinan County within five hours to ensure the smooth passage of troops. Li Guifang and 32 other women pulled down their doors, jumped into the cold river, with the body when the pier, set up a "fire line bridge. ".

The six Yimeng sisters did whatever was needed on the front lines during the war of liberation. They led the women of the village to Bake pancakes for the soldiers on the front line. In addition, they care for the wounded, raising rations, fodder, ammunition, disassembling and washing uniforms, and sewing shoes. In order to make military shoes, the women worked day and night, arms and legs are worn out blood blisters, fingers were deformed.

During the Revolutionary War, Yimeng Mountain area had a population of 4.2 million, and before 1.2 million people took part in the war, 200,000 people joined the army and 100,000 people lost their lives in the battlefield. The revolutionary history written by the Party, the government, the army and the people in the old area of Yimeng Revolution, through the test of blood and fire, is the precious spiritual wealth of the whole nation.

Source: Xinhua News Agency
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