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President Xi Jinping's speech at the awarding ceremony of the

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Speech at the awarding ceremony of the order of July 1st
(202129 June)
Xi Jinping


Today, on the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, we are solemnly holding a ceremony here to confer the highest honour on party members who have made outstanding contributions to the Party and the people.

First of all, on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, I would like to extend warm congratulations to the recipients of the "order of 71" ! With all due respect!

Over the past 100 years, our party has been determined to fulfill its original mission, unite the people and lead them to open up a great road, build a great cause, cultivate a great spirit and accumulate valuable experience, it has written a magnificent chapter in the history of the development of the Chinese nation and the progress of human society.

Over the past 100 years, generation after generation of Chinese Communists, in order to win national independence and people's liberation, to achieve national prosperity and people's happiness, have worked hard and selflessly, and have composed heroic and heroic songs that swallow mountains and rivers.

Today's recipient of the "order of July 1" is an outstanding representative of Party members from all fronts. In them, a vivid manifestation of the Chinese Communist Party's firm belief, the practice of purpose, hard work and dedication, integrity and dedication of the noble quality and noble spirit.

——As a firm belief, it is to hold on to one's original intention, one's will, one's ideal and belief, one's loyalty to the Party and the people, one's loyalty and love to the Party and the people, for the cause of the Party and the people dedicated to their own all and even precious life, the party's ideals and beliefs, tenacious struggle, unremitting struggle.

Faith in your heart, strength in your feet. All comrades in the Party should take their faith in Marxism and in socialism with Chinese characteristics as their lifelong pursuit, always believe in the party, love the party and work hard in their respective positions, constantly pushing forward the practice of fighting for lofty ideals.

——To carry out the purpose is to have deep feelings for the people, to have the people in your heart, to work for the people, to think what the people want, to rush what the people want, to solve their problems, to keep close contact with the people, to rely firmly on the people, and to serve the people with one mind, the practical actions for the benefit of the people annotate the lofty feelings of the communists that "I will be selfless and live up to the people" .

The land is the people. The people are the land. All comrades in the Party should adhere to the position of the people and put the people first, work tirelessly for the masses and do good deeds, and always maintain close ties with the people.

——Hard work and dedication, that is, Xu party to serve the country, perform their duties as a goal of life, not afraid of difficulties, dare to sacrifice, hard work, indomitable, fully demonstrated the communist selfless and fearless dedication and indomitable fighting spirit.

The greater the cause, the greater the challenge, the greater the burden. All comrades in the Party must maintain their heroic spirit of "the more difficulties we face, the more progress we make" and maintain their high morale of "daring to teach the sun and the moon for a new day" , and work hard to overcome difficulties, strive to create worthy of the Party, worthy of the people, Worthy of the achievements of the Times.

——To be clean and honest is to keep the Communist Party's glorious tradition of hard work, plain living and selflessness, never taking credit for himself, never caring about personal gain or loss, never coveting enjoyment, observing discipline and observing rules, which vividly reflects the proper moral style of the Communist Party.

Only by possessing the strength of character can the Communists win the hearts of the people. All the comrades in the Party should have a clear conscience, observe public morality and strictly observe personal integrity. They should be clean and honest in their work. They should exercise self-restraint, devote themselves to public service and practise self-cultivation with frugality so as to maintain their political integrity and integrity.

"71 medal" recipients are from the people, rooted in the people, is based on their own duties, silent dedication of ordinary heroes. Their deeds can be learned and done, and their spirit can be traced. By their actions, they have proved that as long as they are firm in their ideals and beliefs, firm in their will to struggle, firm in their perseverance and perseverance, they can see it in ordinary times, stand up in critical moments, and put themselves out in times of crisis, every party member can make contributions to the party and the people in the great cause of national rejuvenation!


The new age is a time when heroes are needed and must be produced. If the Communist Party of China is to be the vanguard of the times and the bridge of the nation, the ranks of party members must be solid. We hope that the comrades who have been commended will cherish their honor, carry forward their achievements and strive for greater glory. Party organizations at all levels should show concern for and care for Party members who have made meritorious contributions in their work and daily life, vigorously publicize the touching deeds and lofty moral character of the recipients of the "July 1 Medal" , and create a strong atmosphere in the whole Party and society that advocates advancement and sees merit and thinks in the same way, to encourage party members and cadres to keep in mind the nature and purpose of the Party and the party's original mission, and to work tirelessly and forever, in the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, toward the second centennial goal, toward the Chinese dream of the Chinese Dream!

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