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[ideological construction] Huizhi gathers strength to work together. Talent growth resonates with enterprise development

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Editor's note: according to the unified deployment of the group's Party committee and Secretary Dai Changbing's "emancipation discussion is the need of reform and development, an important measure expected by the grass-roots level and the aspirations of the people, and an important starting point for stimulating vitality and cohesion. We must persevere, deepen in an all-round way and strive for practical results." The leading group attached great importance to and actively implemented the plan of the emancipation of the mind discussion activity "emancipating the mind, stimulating new momentum, and making progress in reform and development" of the Provincial Institute of urban and rural planning. Recently, the leaders in charge of the company have convened the departments in charge to carry out a great discussion on emancipating the mind. We should give full play to the strength of various specialties, strengthen the coordination and linkage, create a strong atmosphere of learning to catch up with others, and enhance the awareness of crisis, competition, responsibility, development and long-term of producers and operators.

On July 11, 2022, Ma Meng, the deputy general manager, Shi Dazhi, the assistant general manager of the first Institute of planning, the second Institute of planning, the sixth Institute of planning, the land and Space Planning Institute, the first Institute of civil engineering, the second Institute of equipment, the water supply and drainage Institute, the urban construction design institute, the surveying and Mapping Institute - low altitude remote sensing, Shen Xueping studio, the project manager and other department heads and business backbones organized by the first Institute of planning, the second Institute of planning, the second Institute of planning, the land and Space Planning Institute, the first Institute of civil engineering, the second Institute of equipment, the water. Zhang Lipeng, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the company, Zhang Yuping, full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union, and Zhong Guixin, Minister of the party and Mass Work Department, attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.

The meeting focused on the understanding and speech spirit of secretary Changbing and members of the group's leadership in the emancipation discussion. The participants closely focused on "who am I? Where am I? Where am I going? What am I going to do? Who am I going to be?" And other issues, combined with work practice and analysis and judgment of the future market, everyone spoke one by one and fully communicated.

Wang Jinghan of the sixth Institute of planning: "as a grass-roots planning worker, the core of ideological emancipation is to break through the limitation of vision on the basis of hard work, focus on the overall situation and the long term, clarify the direction of efforts, take the initiative to learn, and enhance my skills. Therefore, in my spare time, I will actively learn relevant knowledge about land and space planning, expand my horizons, enrich my knowledge, and keep up with the pace of planning reform." Hou Liang, director of the second equipment Institute: "By emancipating the mind, clarifying ideas, examining their own shortcomings, and seeking truth from facts, we can find the gap. As the head of the production department, in the process of production and operation, we should better play our enthusiasm and initiative, think of ways to make progress, and do not find reasons for difficulties. We should strive to expand the market, improve the ideological pattern, strengthen cooperation with brother departments such as planning, municipal administration, gardening, surveying and mapping, improve service awareness, strengthen technological upgrading, and integrate more actively In the development strategy of the group and the company, we should strengthen the business expansion of "one model, two main lines" and help increase salaries for the reform and development of enterprises. " Project Manager zhourongjian: "as a member of the company, there are still many deficiencies in my work. I am satisfied with normalization in my work, lack of pioneering and proactive spirit, think more and act less in reality, don't study the company's policies and theories deeply, and sometimes relax my requirements for myself. Through this discussion, I was deeply touched and benefited a lot. In the future, I will work hard to make up for my shortcomings and actively promote the reform and development of the company." Baixiaofeng, director of water supply and drainage office: "Thought is the premise of action. Only when the mind is liberated can we open our hands and feet. At present, the competition in the traditional design market is fierce, and our water supply and drainage specialty is also gradually developing emerging industries or policy outlets such as sponges, waterlogging prevention, kitchen waste, hazardous waste, etc. the company has given great support from the aspects of policy and technology. In the future, we will continue to emancipate the mind, break the traditional thinking pattern, break through the limitations of existing experience, and get rid of the small wealth is safe, and small progress is full Ideological understanding, with a high starting point, high standards, high-level planning to promote the development of enterprises in a better direction. " Surveying and Mapping Institute - low altitude remote sensing sun Xia: "Although there are many difficulties for the surveying and mapping profession at present, it has aroused our fighting spirit and deeply thought about our work and technology. The company has implemented the group's' one model, two main lines' development strategy and established the leading group for Rural Revitalization and the leading group for urban renewal, which also points out the way forward for the development of our department. The Institute of Surveying and Mapping - low altitude remote sensing Department has made innovations in technology and is making progress There have been corresponding changes in the way of mapping and the results submitted. In the new journey of the company's reform and development, we will continue to contribute to the development of the company with the actual results of great emancipation of mind, great improvement of ability and great leap forward in work. " Urban Construction Design Institute liudanyang: "Emancipating the mind is not an empty slogan, but to implement it into your specific actions. There are new understandings in mind, new changes in action, and new improvements in work. You can't bypass difficulties, shrink back when encountering contradictions, and get rid of problems. Without a sense of responsibility, there is no work vitality, no work motivation, no work efficiency, no work quality, and no Sense of responsibility and no work performance. As a veteran employee of the Planning Institute and a veteran party member, I have strengthened my confidence and determination to work hard. I have witnessed the selfless working attitude and active cooperation of my colleagues around in each design project, and we strive to complete the design task with quality and quantity in the shortest time. Even when the COVID-19 in Shenyang was at its worst from March to May this year, everyone moved their work back home and successfully completed the design project on time. Work is hard and busy, but I hope to find self-confidence and happiness in my work and shine in the construction of the Provincial Planning Institute! Make more contributions! " Ming Yingnan, deputy chief planner of Planning Institute 1: "The upsurge of emancipating the mind set off by the group coincides with the great opportunity of the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The purpose of launching the emancipation discussion is to promote the high-quality development of the company and the faster growth of individuals. Combined with my own work reality, I need to further complete the task of land and space planning, take the Xinmin high-speed rail new city urban design project as an opportunity to strengthen the improvement of professional technology, actively participate in the Rural Revitalization of the company, and improve The awareness of scientific and technological innovation should pay attention to the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements while completing various work tasks with high quality. " Duan Longwu, director of Urban Construction Design Institute: "Emancipating the mind is not only a process of in-depth theoretical study, but also a process of transforming theory into practice. Through emancipating the mind discussion, we should learn advanced management concepts and improve our work with a clear aim. By strengthening the management of technical quality and strengthening the sense of service, we should build a team with high standing, excellent technology and strong quality. After returning to the Planning Institute, as the director, we should keep our thoughts in a state of" evolution ". Mobilize and give full play to the enthusiasm and initiative of the team, provide good services for the owner, constantly strengthen their own learning and improve their working ability. We should not only be politically mature and ideologically progressive, but also become leaders who want to do things, can do things and can do things in business. We should take the great discussion on emancipating the mind as an opportunity to work with the enterprise in the same direction and make our due contribution to the high-quality development of the enterprise! " Wang Yue, deputy general planner of the first Planning Institute, "thought is the guidance of action, action is the practice of thought, and the organic combination of thought and action can achieve greater breakthroughs. When the Rural Revitalization Research Center was established, it was also the time when the group and the company carried out the" emancipation of the mind discussion activity "vigorously. I was deeply touched by the fact that I have been rooted in the front line and focused on business for many years, and combined with specific work and relevant expectations at a new starting point, emancipate the mind The focus of action is to make breakthroughs in four aspects: ideals and beliefs, knowledge structure, working methods, and value orientation, so as to fulfill their responsibilities for the high-quality development of the company. " Shenxueping Studio: "in accordance with the deployment requirements of the company's Party committee to integrate ideological construction with production and operation, we should maintain close contact with all brother departments, further expand the market by strengthening exchanges and cooperation, actively participate in the group's' one model, two main lines' development strategy, continue the achievements, undertake more projects, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and contribute to the high-quality development of the enterprise with professional technology and better services." Gao Xin, director of the land and Space Planning Institute: "In the discussion activity of 'emancipating the mind, stimulating new kinetic energy, and striving for a new journey of reform and development' carried out by the Party committee of the company, we should unswervingly take solving practical problems as the foothold of emancipating the mind. First, we should adhere to the problem orientation. We should find problems in practice, put forward problems in exploration, be brave to face problems directly, bend down to study problems, and promote the solution of problems with the spirit of hard work. Second, we should work hard on benchmarking. We should compare benchmarks to find gaps , we should keep our eyes on the best level, clarify the gap between ourselves and the best, and point out the overall direction of our work. " Xin Jie, deputy director of Planning Institute 1: "Emancipating the mind is to break the shackles of subjective prejudice, study new situations, solve new problems, make the thought conform to reality, make the subjective and objective conform, and focus on solving problems. I have benefited a lot from my recent participation in the study and exchange meeting on Rural Revitalization organized by the company, which is combined with emancipating the mind. Village planning is an entry point for our planners to serve rural revitalization, and we should fully understand land space planning The positioning and role of village planning under the compilation system should abandon the previous idea of paying too much attention to spatial design, fully consider the opinions of villagers, coordinate various village plans, and prepare practical village planning that is usable, effective and easy to use, so as to win the trust of the entrusting party with high-quality design. " Liu Yufei of civil engineering No.1 Institute: "Combining emancipation of the mind with practical work, we should pay more attention to the application of theoretical knowledge. In view of the fierce competition in the construction market in recent years, according to national requirements and industry standards, the construction industry has higher and higher requirements for assembly rate, which requires us to constantly learn new technologies and update new concepts. The application of BIM Technology in the architectural design stage, from two-dimensional design to three-dimensional model, is also a revolution for architectural design Changes. These are the future development direction of the construction market and our future learning direction. By constantly emancipating the mind, strengthening learning, constantly improving professional ability, and with the guidance and help of leaders, we can complete some creative work, improve our business level, realize our own value, and better contribute to the reform and development of enterprises. "

Shi Dazhi, assistant to the general manager and the first Institute of planning, said that emancipating the mind is to plan for the future on the basis of summarizing the past and analyzing the situation, stimulate the vitality and development momentum of individuals and collectives, enhance personal value, and contribute more to and play a greater role in promoting the high-quality development of the company. We should fully understand the importance of ideological construction, deeply understand the original intention and purpose of the group Party committee and the company Party committee to carry out the great discussion on emancipating the mind, carefully study the spirit of the relevant speeches of the group leaders, the Group Tour propaganda group and the company leaders, firmly implement the relevant requirements of the group Party committee and the company Party committee, so as to enter the market, strengthen business, do not forget to grasp ideas, seek benefits, improve efficiency, do not forget to gather people, and have a broader vision and wider pattern, Comprehensively promote the reform and development of the company and team building and other tasks, and truly implement the big discussion.

Ma Meng, deputy general manager, said that emancipating the mind is the "golden key" to solve all problems and the "master switch" to stimulate the vitality of enterprises. Through the discussion of emancipating the mind on technical topics combined with key projects, the company identifies the starting point and road map of economic growth, and forms an organic whole of mutual coordination and deep integration between ideological work and central work. All departments and individuals must refuse mediocrity and lie flat, face up to problems on the basis of "breaking the topic", change their ideas, integrate the emancipation discussion into the specific work of the company's daily production and operation, and combine the discussion with improving working methods, innovating working methods, carrying out technical training, implementing scientific and technological innovation tasks, and improving various systems. By emancipating the mind, build an exchange platform to break the restrictions of departments and majors, take planning as the guide and digitalization as the support, jointly plan, architecture, municipal administration, landscape architecture, surveying and mapping, and participate in the implementation of the group's "one model, two main lines" development strategy with multi departments, multi majors, multi dimensions and deep levels, so as to constantly explore and innovate, stimulate vitality, improve efficiency, and realize the company's high-speed, high-efficiency and high-quality development.

Finally, Zhang Lipeng made a detailed interpretation of the short-term and long-term work tasks of the company's "scientific reform demonstration action" from five aspects: improving the corporate governance system and mechanism, improving the market-oriented selection and employment mechanism, strengthening the market-oriented incentive and restraint mechanism, stimulating the momentum of scientific and technological innovation, and adhering to the party's leadership and strengthening the party's construction. Zhang Lipeng pointed out that the Party committee of the company carried out a great discussion on emancipating the mind, which was closely combined with the "demonstration action of scientific and technological reform" and production and operation, in order to promote the breakthrough, deepening and implementation of the reform through emancipating the mind. At the end of the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, we should extend the reform to every "nerve endings" of the enterprise, see the real chapter and move our muscles and bones, solve the problems of "being able to reduce", "be able to go down" and "be able to go out", reach a consensus from the ideological level, promote the deepening of the reform, and achieve practical results. The emancipation of the mind discussion is an important work led by the group Party committee and a process of refining the company's corporate culture. Through the emancipation of the mind discussion, every employee should constantly sum up and reflect on himself, abandon the outdated concepts in the development of individuals and enterprises, redefine the coordinate system, anchor the development goals, and make brilliant contributions in their respective fields such as production and operation, market development, scientific and technological innovation, team building, etc, Make talent growth and enterprise development resonate at the same frequency and work together.

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