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All Party members of the Party branch of the Company's Party Committee shall hold a symposium with the cadres helping the poor

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In accordance with the need to further improve the care and care work for selected cadres, on the morning of April 26,2019, the Party Committee of the company organized a meeting with all Party members of the Party branch of the party organ on the third floor of the conference room to have an in-depth understanding of the work of poverty alleviation Grasp the practical difficulties that need help to solve in time.

Pro-poor Cadres Cheng Gang and Xie Yiming, Party Secretary and Chairman Zhang Lipeng, deputy party secretary and vice-chairman Ma Tingyu, party director Yang Jing and all Party members of the Party branch of the organ attended the meeting.

At the meeting on the same day, two poverty-alleviation cadres reported on their respective work. Last year, Cheng Kang bought more than 1,000 black chicken farms for the family of Yang Liyi, a villager from his village, and helped sell them at eighteen international agricultural fairs in Shenyang. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of Comrade Cheng Kang and the villagers, Wufeng Chicken Breeding has now developed into a large-scale industry to lift the village out of poverty and become rich. In addition, Comrade Cheng Kang often visited the homes of the elderly and left behind children to convey the party's care and warmth. At the Party Congress on the same day, Comrade Cheng gang has been listed as a party member development object.

In his report on the same day, Comrade Xie Yiming said that since he was selected to serve as a General Secretary in the rural Xinan village of Shaguotun in Nanpiao district of Huludao, together with the villagers of lower Xinan, he has closely focused on the overall situation of rural poverty alleviation We should carry out the work of poverty alleviation in rural areas from the point of "precise poverty alleviation" , through the Party building, the promotion of poverty alleviation, the development of industries and the rapid development of rural areas. Many times in-depth "five guarantees the household" and the life has the difficulty in the home sympathy, the visit, helps to solve the actual difficulty. See No street lights in the village, after dark we travel inconvenience, they contact the manufacturers, began to install street lights for the villagers. After the meeting that day, Comrade Xie Yiming hurried back to the village to prepare for the installation of street lights.

After listening to the reports of the two comrades, Party Secretary and Chairman Zhang Lipeng thanked the two comrades on behalf of the Leading Group for their dedication and contribution to the work of our company to help the poor. The company will not forget the hard work of the two comrades and will give full support to poverty alleviation projects. At the same time, we welcome the introduction of agricultural and sideline products to the unit staff and workers, to help the poor rural areas out of poverty and become rich. Chairman Zhang Lipeng asked the party to vigorously publicize the advanced deeds of the two anti-poverty cadres, and asked all the staff to learn from them.

Ma Tingyu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the board of Directors, said at the seminar that in the past year, during several visits to poverty-alleviation villages, local villagers spoke highly of the two comrades sent by our company This proves that the work of the cadres in poverty alleviation has been affirmed by the local people. Ma expressed the hope that the two comrades would handle the relationship with the local villagers well in their future work, cherish their bodies, pay attention to safety and fight well against poverty.

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