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Liaojian group and company leaders to poverty-alleviation villages to carry out work research

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On May 10,2019, Ma Tingyu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the company, accompanied Lv Shuangwei, Minister of the Party Construction Department of the Liaojian Group, and Yi Fucheng, director of the Party Construction Department, to visit Wang Xigou village and Lower Xinan village in Shaguotun township, Nanpiao district, Huludao And presided over the convening of "General Secretary" Work in the village forum.

Minister LV and his party went to Wangxigou village and Lower Xinan to conduct research and study. They had a detailed understanding of the office premises, infrastructure and the construction of grass-roots Party organizations in each village, as well as the study, work and life of the General Secretary stationed in each village. At the same time, a seminar was held, during which the General Secretary members of the group reported on their work achievements, their feelings and insights gained since their first year of work in the villages, especially on how to promote the development of the villages This paper puts forward some constructive opinions and suggestions from the aspects of doing well the investigation and research, standardizing the Party construction, developing the village collective economy, grasping the maintenance of stability and democracy according to law.

Minister Lu gave full recognition to the work of the General Secretary in the village over the past year. On behalf of Liaojian Group, he expressed his sympathy and gratitude to all of you for your hard work. He pointed out that after each resident General Secretary had served in the village for a full year, the resident cadres could change their roles and position to become the main force in the fight against poverty Prove our group of village cadres outstanding work ability and dedication to the work attitude. Can well integrate into the work of the village team and the masses, actively play their respective advantages, according to local conditions to carry out the work, and achieved some results. 

The First Secretary of Wangxigou village, Comrade Cheng Gang, made a detailed report on the ecological animal husbandry farm it had developed, and visited the ecological chicken farm and the Center for raising cattle and donkeys in his village. Chenggang bought more than 1,000 Wufeng chickens at his own expense, and set up a chicken farm for Murakami. The chicken farm is now beginning to take shape, with a 200-square-meter cage and 50 mu of free-range chicken farm. And has reached a preliminary production and marketing agreement with the listed company Shenyang dilisheng fresh, free-range eggs to provide a strong guarantee for the market.

Comrade Xie Yiming, the General Secretary of the Lower Xinan, gave a brief report on his work in fighting poverty in the past year, and made a brief explanation according to the beautiful rural planning made for him by the Provincial Planning Institute Visited the 4 km asphalt road which is coordinated for the natural village of Fangshenyao. Since taking up his post in the General Secretary, he has devoted himself to the front line of poverty alleviation, neglecting his family and young children.

On how to do the work of staying in the village well in the future, Minister Lu pointed out that the first secretary of each village of our group should know what to do in the village We must give full play to the three roles of "leading man" in rural revitalization, "Connecting Bridge" between the Party and the masses, and "backbone" in grass-roots Party building. We must know how to do this in villages and pay attention to the ways and means of our work Adhering to the three principles of "research first, adapt to village conditions and democracy according to law" , we should live up to the trust placed on us and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to concrete measures to make the people in the villages where we are stationed truly rich Live up to the organization's high expectations, trust and the people's high expectations. Finally, Minister Lu read out a document issued by the Provincial Organization Department on 15 April. The first secretary in each village was warned to strictly abide by the eight regulations of the Central Committee and to have zero tolerance for violations of rules and disciplines.

Finally, Minister Lu and Secretary Ma hope that the cadres stationed in the villages can settle down and do their work well. In the future, our group will also launch a "one-day stay in the villages" campaign to show the good spirit of the cadres stationed in the villages; and carry out a campaign on the integration of urban and rural residents Rural Revitalization and other aspects of training, leading the village cadres to go out to broaden their horizons, growth of talent, and progress. At the same time, the establishment of village cadres, strengthen communication links, increase the promotion of agricultural products, achieve resource sharing, so that village cadres spent a full and good 3 years.

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