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Precise poverty alleviation, love transmission —— The Party Committee of the company Organized Party members to pay a condolence visit to the poverty-relief villages

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On June 4,2019, with the cool of early summer and the morning fog, under the leadership of the company's Party secretary, Chairman Zhang Lipeng, deputy party secretary, Vice Chairman Ma Tingyu, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee Zhang Yuping and deputy general manager Zhang Zhuoming, with more than 50 members of the company comrades, to the opposite poverty relief point of Foshan, Huludao South Vote Area Shajiatun Township Wang Xigou village, visit to Xinan.

In his village, Foshan, people visit the rose industrial park he has set up for villagers from applying for loans to organizing. In the conversation with the villagers learned that roses are now a wide market, the rapid flow of funds, the market in short supply. Rose to achieve poverty, and even rich is no longer a distant dream.

In the village of Cheng Kang, a poverty alleviation cadre, I visited a kindergarten in the village of Wangxigou, bringing new schoolbags, books and stationery to the children, who beamed with joy.

With continuous drizzle, we along the mountain road, came to the new move to the mountain chicken farm. In order to lift Murakami out of poverty, Cheng Kang bought more than 1,000 baby black chicken chicks out of his own pocket. As a General Secretary, he helped villagers set up chicken farms and found a market for eggs. Today, Wufeng Chicken Farming has developed into a large-scale industry for the village to shake off poverty and become rich.

On the day of the visit, the company leaders will also unit staff donated clothing and sympathy money to the hands of villagers. Since the poverty relief work began more than a year ago, the company leaders have not only visited the poverty relief villages several times, but also the Tourism Planning Institute and the Planning Institute have done the planning and design for the two villages. The villagers were deeply moved and expressed their gratitude to the Party and the Party Committee of the provincial urban and Rural Planning Institute for their contributions to the poverty-stricken villages. In particular, they sent two good comrades to work and injected vitality into the village. The villagers were full of confidence in shaking off poverty.

At the end of the day, in order to continue strengthening the Patriotic Education of Party members and comrades, we drove to the provincial patriotic education base, the Monument Square of the martyrs of the next five families. Listening to the enthusiastic narration of the docent, the picture of the war years and defending the country came to mind. With chairman Zhang Lipeng ringing the alarm bell, everyone was deeply moved by the noble patriotic feelings of the anti-japanese heroes We cherish the peaceful and stable happy life that our forefathers paid for with their blood and lives. We all said that we must take the spirit of the martyrs as the guide, in the future work, not afraid of difficulties, Gunbuster, play the leading role of Party members, for the development of the Planning Institute to make greater contributions.

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