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Leaders of the company expressed sympathy to the poverty alleviation cadres in the village and sent greetings to the festival

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On January 17, 2020, in the lunar new year, Zhang Lipeng, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman of the board of directors, Ma Tingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Chen rutie, Zhang Zhuoming, deputy general manager, and Zhang Yuping, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, on behalf of all the employees of the company, extended cordial condolences to Cheng Gang, the first Secretary of the poverty alleviation line, and Xie Yiming, two comrades, who had been committed to the poverty alleviation line, and sent carefully prepared condolences and greetings to the poverty alleviation workers in the new year Discuss the development situation.

At the symposium, the poverty alleviation cadres introduced in detail the implementation of the work in the village and the work plan for 2020, and exchanged views on the problems and solutions in the poverty alleviation work. During the conversation, Comrade Cheng Gang conveyed a letter of thanks from Zhao Fuyuan, a poor man suffering from colorectal cancer in wangxigou village, for his visit to our company in the past few days. The letter said: "I thank the leaders for their love for my family in their busy schedule, and I feel the warmth of the party's sunshine policy in this winter; I thank the Planning Institute for the gospel sent to our poor families, and I will live up to the leaders' expectations and strive for an early escape from poverty.". Through exchanges, we learned that during the flood control period, Comrade Xie Yiming, regardless of personal safety, led the party members and cadres of the village to clean up the garbage in the waist deep river to prevent the river from blocking, which was highly recognized by the local villagers.

The leading group affirmed the work achievements of the two comrades. Ma Tingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee, said the two comrades insisted that it was very hard to get rid of poverty at the front line of the countryside and hoped to continue their efforts to win the battle. Meanwhile, pay attention to safety and communicate with the hospital in time. It is necessary to investigate the basic situation of the two villages and provide basic data for the study of new urbanization.

Zhang Lipeng, Secretary of the Party committee, thanked the two comrades for their work. The two comrades were able to overcome difficulties and quickly entered the working state, making contributions to the poverty alleviation work, which was affirmed by the leaders of the group. The company is the strong backing of poverty alleviation cadres. We will actively cooperate with each other and try our best to solve all kinds of difficulties encountered.

Cheng Gang and Xie Yiming thanked the company's leaders for their concern. 2020 will be the end of the year of poverty alleviation. They said they will make the work of poverty alleviation detailed and solid, so that the local people can truly get rid of poverty, and resolutely win the battle of poverty alleviation.

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