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Poverty Alleviation Projects 3. Poverty alleviation projects in Wangxigou village, Shaguotun Township, Nanpiao district, Huludao

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Wang Xigou village, Sanguo village, Nanpiao District, Huludao, is one of the poverty alleviation spots opposite our company. In May 2018, Comrade Chenggang, as our counterpart cadres to help the poor, went to the first line of poverty alleviation, came to Wang Xigou village as the first secretary. Since Comrade Cheng gang came to Wangxigou village as a General Secretary, he has set up a chicken farm and a sheep raising base for the villagers out of his own pocket. His deeds of leading the villagers to escape poverty and become rich have received wide attention from all sectors of society, it's been all over the news.

"poverty eradication is not the end, but the beginning of a new life and a new struggle, " Xi said. Over the past two years, on the road to precise poverty alleviation, our company has not only used scientific planning to promote the revitalization and development of poor villages, the Party Committee of the company also regularly sends the care and warmth of the party to local villagers. They are encouraged to face difficulties positively and have firm confidence in eradicating poverty.

The leaders of the group and our company attach great importance to the poverty alleviation work of Wangxigou village. They have visited the poverty alleviation villages many times to carry out research and visit, and have a detailed understanding of the local situation.

Wangxigou village, located in the northeast of Huludao, is a village with a total population of 960 people and 350 households, including 700 permanent residents and 260 migrant workers. There are 99 poor households and 147 people, which is a typical poor agricultural village. The village is located on the necessary route from Nanpiao District to the AAA-level Wujintang scenic spot. Combining with the village's natural resources, the focus is to develop and strengthen the village industry, the village infrastructure construction and beautification projects are also included in the planning. Through improving the appearance of villages, developing the production and processing of agricultural products, and building the economy of Gully region, it has become an important node on the regional tourism route in the southern part of the city. In the future, Wangxigou village will adopt the new development model of "one, two, three industries integration and development of the sixth industry" to drive the village to increase income and get rid of poverty quickly.

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