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Poverty Alleviation Project Series Report 9, Rural Revitalization, planning leading to the development plan of Manchu village of Jianchang, Xingcheng

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In April 2020, our company was commissioned by the provincial urban and rural construction group, in order to promote the rural revitalization of our province and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation in Xingcheng, the obligation for the targeted poor villages to prepare "the development plan for the Manchu township of the Xingcheng Alkali Factory" project. All along, the group and company leaders have paid close attention to poverty alleviation projects. Ma Tingyu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the board of directors, is leading the work of the Planning Institute where Ma Meng, assistant general manager, is located, and Jia Jiansheng, assistant director of the institute, is the project leader, cooperate with relevant departments to set up special class of the project. Comrade Ma Tingyu personally led the team to visit and research, on-the-spot investigation, and had a long talk with the local villagers to understand the local people's feelings, tap the local characteristics, rely on their own resources advantages, make rational planning, adapt to local conditions, and cultivate the characteristic industry.

On the basis of following the relevant policies of the State, Dai Changbing, party secretary and chairman of the provincial urban-rural construction group, came to Yangshu village to investigate the work of poverty alleviation and proposed that "poverty alleviation is based on industry; Rural Revitalization, industry is the key" , industry-driven, project-driven, people-interactive strategy as the main line of this plan, emphasizing on the basis of industrial planning, project planning as a foothold to strengthen the plan of the Operability.

The company's Deputy Party secretary, vice-chairman Ma Tingyu real-time inquiry project progress, personally involved in the construction of planning ideas. Lv Shuangwei, director of the Party Construction Department of the provincial urban and rural construction group, and Yi Fucheng, director of the real-time follow-up project progress, provide planning recommendations for the planning pulse. Comrade Ma Tingyu asked the project team to seize the time, grasp the progress, with high-quality service, high standards to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

In June 2020, the project team went to Yangshu village to carry out additional research, and made a report to the main leaders of the Manchu Township of the Soda Factory. On July 9,2020, Chen Dianqiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Group and Chairman of the Trade Union, led the group's Poverty Alleviation Task Force to the project site to supervise and conduct research. Ma Meng, assistant general manager of the company, on behalf of the Project Team, explained to the leaders at the meeting the main ideas for the formulation of the plan, get the unanimous praise of the leaders at the meeting, for my company free of charge for the poor village to do the planning and design of heartfelt thanks.

On July 13,2020, comrade Ma Meng, on behalf of the project team, reported to Dai Changbing, the Party secretary and Chairman of the group, the results of the compilation of the plan, in the key year of poverty alleviation, we should not only reflect the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, but also represent the technical level of provincial planning institute.

The project took three months to complete, resulting in a number of design achievements including reporting materials, planning proposals, planning instructions and project planning, which were not only affirmed by the group leaders, but also highly praised by the leaders of Xingcheng, demonstrated my company's political responsibility and technical strength, for the revitalization of the city's development press the "fast-forward key. ".

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