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Lesson 3: Why didn't Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao, the founders of the party, attend the first Congress

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One of the big questions about the party

One of the most compelling and puzzling questions

As the chief founder of the Party

Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao

Why weren't you at the Party Convention

According to Bao Huisheng

Chen Duxiu was president of the prep school at the time

Is Fighting for a sum of money to build the schoolhouse

As soon as he's gone,

It's not GONNA be easy

And so..

Chen Duxiu at a party meeting in Guangzhou

To nominate Chen Gongbo to one of the party's biggest conferences

Bao Hui was also appointed to attend

What about Li Dazhao

Renjing Liu, Zhang Guotao recalls

Li Dazhao at the time

In addition to being director and professor of the Peking University Library

Beijing National College and university

Chairman of the Joint Staff Committee

It's the end of the school year

Business is very busy


Unable to travel to Shanghai in person

Attend a meeting

Exterior view of the red building at the beach in Beijing and Li Dazhao's office

Neither of the great men could have imagined

One across the country

A small party of just over 50 members

28 years later

Will save our people from danger

In power

In 100 years, it's GONNA be

The world's largest political party with more than 90 million members

Leading the world's most populous nation

History is a matter of necessity

History has its coincidences

That's the beauty of history

Although "South Chen Bei Li" did not attend a big

But that doesn't change the fact

The outstanding contribution of the main founders of the Chinese Communist Party

The whole Party and the whole Chinese people

And they will always be remembered

A great achievement

References: A party history field collection

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