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—— 建筑设计 ——

ur institute has a class a qualification in the construction industry (Construction Engineering), and can undertake various industrial and civil architectural designs such as office, education, medical treatment, commerce, residence, etc., as well as urban planning, landscaping, municipal water supply and drainage, urban heat network and other engineering designs of a certain scale, and undertake the preliminary works matching with the professional design, such as project feasibility study Engineering technology consulting services and research projects related to the construction industry.

Our hospital adheres to the tenet of scientific management, careful design and high-quality service. Based in Liaoning Province and facing the whole country, we will open up the design market in the construction industry. Hundreds of architectural, planning, municipal and garden design and scientific research projects have been completed successively, such as Haihua College of Liaoning Normal University, ancient city of Kazuo Lizhou, training building of Dalian Northeast University of Finance and economics, Heishan County Center nursing home, Huludao Hengfeng Shangpin residential quarter, Shenyang Baojun hospital, Suizhong people's hospital, Suizhong Jiajing Tiancheng house, Changtu Taihu International Garden, Shenyang Heping The old residential area of the District, the old residential area of Pingshan District of Benxi, Huanren children's world, Panjin Dawa green industry innovation and development demonstration park planning, Gongzhuling river ecological environment protection and governance and other engineering projects have played an important role in the urban development and economic construction of our province and even the whole country.

Over the years, our institute has participated in a number of large-scale construction projects in Liaoning Province and won the bid. Nearly 100 large and medium-sized public buildings and civil building designs have been completed, including large-scale public building Jinsui building and Anshan "smart Park" project environmental design won the first prize of provincial excellent. Shenyang Jindu building, outpatient building and ward building of Shenyang Fifth People's hospital won the second and third prizes of provincial excellent design.

At the same time, following the political guidance and market situation, our institute has made great efforts to build the technical force of the construction EPC project, successively set up branches in Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other regions with strong development, cooperated with Evergrande, poly, Wanda and other famous institutions, and closely cooperated with planning branch and landscape branch, and jointly completed many large projects and scientific research projects. Actively participating in the "one belt and one way" construction, participated in the 2020 Dubai China Pavilion concept scheme tender and the Malaysia Xingyun Convention and Exhibition Center conceptual bidding, which not only trained the team, but also opened up the horizon.

Our institute is not only a design team with rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience, but also a high-quality and high-level design group combining the old with the young. After a long time of market test, our institute has become an important design institution in the construction industry in Liaoning Province, and has been praised and recognized by the construction parties of various industries. At present, our institute is carrying out the research and design work of BM, prefabricated building and passive building, striving to always be at the forefront of the construction industry in the three eastern provinces.

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